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Volunteer Information

[Volunteer Application]
please send to julianne@everydreamhasaprice.com

Volunteers for the build days are always needed as there is much work to be done. Skilled tradesmen and women are always needed. Volunteers duties include serving as painters, doing light construction labor, being a runner, and staffing the feeding station all day long. Chances are, there’s something you can do to help so if you’d like to participate in a work day or project please call Julianne at 772-713-6883

EDHAP works for five reasons:
1. The beneficiary must contribute time and effort to the project to a reasonable extent, within the limit of their capability.
2. There’s a sense of satisfaction from doing something constructive.
3. Volunteers see the results of their efforts.
4.  We do not have to make a profit, and the recipient is
not saddled with an additional debt.
5.  This volunteer activity will still benefit the community 50 years later.

Here are a few poems by Bob Walsh, EDHAP’s #1 Volunteer!:


What do we do when a home needs care,
And the owner can’t make the repair?

There is someone who can help you out,
That’s what “every dream has a price” is about.

Professionals who donate their time and skill,
Join with volunteers who have the will.

It doesn’t matter what the need,
Roofing, plaster, wire or seed.

If our pace is often slow,
Remember it takes volunteers and dough.

Most faiths say one should do good,
So pick up a hammer if you’re in the neighborhood.
-Bob Walsh


By “ye bard” Wm. Shake.

When we mean to build,

We first lay out the plat,.

Then draw the model.

Gather stone and timber true,

And men of needed skill.

Then begin, each to his craft.

Let honest labor be thy rule,

Corner square and measure full,

Where plumb and level guide.

Out or in, it matters not

As each one had a hand,

But rightly done it credits all.

A house, a home, ‘tis all of that

And credits our fair land.

-Bob Walsh

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