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Every Dream Has A Price, Inc. (EDHAP) began with a small group of dedicated individuals making a big difference. Perhaps the most notable accomplishment thus far was the building of two homes in one day in Fellsmere on Nov. 10th, 2007. The groups founding members are comprised of five individuals with diverse backgrounds who converged for the single purpose of helping to build and/or rebuild homes for people in need. Board members Michael Lally, Joseph Telese, and Dennis Witherow have worked on building projects for over 20 years together and have the technical expertise to ensure each projects success. Joseph Telese and Dennis Witherow are the respective Vice President and President of Regatta Construction, LLC. Florida Department of Health’s Julianne Price has combined experience working in communities for over twenty years with the common goal of improving the quality of life in the most indigent and impoverished communities. Working together with hundreds of volunteers, EDHAP is resolved in their mission to make a difference in the lives of needy people by restoring, rebuilding, or building homes for them. In our occupations, we see people not able to literally keep a roof over their head, and it is our objective to provide deserving people with a basic need: a safe home.

Current EDHAP Board of Directors:

Louise Hubbard , Vice President

Dennis Witherow, Founding Member, Advisory Board Member

Julianne Price, Founding Member, President

Michael Lally, Founding Member, Builder

Melissa Tripson, Secretary

Alma Miller

Sylvester McIntosh

Jens Tripson, Treasurer

Vic Diaz

Andrew Kennedy, Advisory Board Member

Kelly Buck, Advisory Board Member

William Holt, Founding Advisory Board Member

Judge Morgan, Founding Advisory Board Member

Tommie Lewis, Founding Advisory Board Member

Willie Krasnick, Advisory Board Member

Patrick Graham, Advisory Board Member

Steve Smith, Advisory Board Member

Every Dream Has A Price meets every second Thursday of the month at noon.

Biographies regarding our projects for the following:

Ausby, Helen
Colley, Louise
Jefferson, Pamela
Perna, Eugene
Rainey, Martha

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